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ChemAxon’s Marvin JS Used for Creating Chemical Structure Files by NITE

According to the recent changes in Japan”s regulatory affairs act, the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL), Japanese companies that deal new chemicals in small quantities (that is, less than a ton per year) must submit an application for their new substances before manufacturing and/or importing. The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) rolled out their MOL file creation system on 14th of September, 2018. This system is used with ChemAxons online chemical editor, Marvin JS implemented.

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‘We have decided to go with Marvin JS out of a single reason: it is really simple to integrate into any web environment and companies can generate MOL files easily,’ NITE representative says.

‘Thanks to Patcore Inc, our exclusive distributor partner in Japan, we could build up a strong presence on the cheminformatics market in the country. NITE”s platform allows us to stabilize our presence further by introducing our market leading online chemical editor, the Marvin JS to a wide audience. We are looking forward to working together with governmental institutions in Japan in the long term,’ Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO of ChemAxon, added.

About NITE 

NITE is an Agency Engaged in Administrative Execution under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) based on the Act on the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, Incorporated Administrative Agency.

Cooperating with METI and other relevant ministries and agencies, NITE currently carries out technical evaluations for legislation and policies of the Japanese government, in the five fields of Consumer Product Safety, Chemicals Management, Biotechnology, Accreditation, and Emerging Technology Evaluation. Fully utilizing the technical knowledge and data accumulated through its responsibilities, NITE provides them to industries and consumers, as well as cooperates with other countries, establishes international rules to promote innovation and contributes to building safer societies worldwide.

About ChemAxon 

ChemAxon provides solutions, platforms, applications and consultancy services to handle chemical and biological entities in life sciences, biotechnology, new materials, fine-, petro- and agrochemical, food, flavors and fragrances industries. Our applications and services help optimize the value of information in life sciences and other R&D environments. Our mission is to inspire scientists to manage their chemical and biological data via intuitive, powerful and cost effective informatics tools, developed together with our customers and partners.

About Patcore 

Patcore is a specialized company of drug discovery support system. We provide state-of-the-art cheminformatics and various drug discovery support systems. We focus on corporate compliance, improving the efficiency of working with regulated substances. This is one of the most important management issues from the point of risk management. Various solutions have been introduced to chemical companies, universities, government agencies, etc., mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.

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