Zentiva and Siyiara Enterprises Signed an Agreement for the Acquisition of Romanian Pharma Company, Solacium

Nick Haggar, CEO of Zentiva stated: ‘Zentiva is delighted to confirm the signing of its first acquisition following the carve out from Sanofi in the last quarter of 2018. Solacium complements our existing generic medicines business and grows our OTC capability and offering for patients and consumers in Romania.’

‘After Dr.Max”s acquisition of A&D Pharma Group, we have decided to primarily focus on three main pillars of our Romanian business: pharma retail, wholesale and marketing & sales. Although Solacium is a fast-growing food supplement and OTC medicines producer, we believe that under the management of a specialised and successful pharmaceutical company, such as Zentiva, it can fulfil its potential and significantly boost its business beyond current levels,’ said Leonardo Ferrandino, President and Group CEO of Dr.Max.

The transaction remains subject to the approval of several conditions including, but not limited to, the Romanian Competition Council.

About Zentiva
Zentiva is a European producer of high quality medicines serving patients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With a dedicated team of more than 2.500 people and our network of production sites – including our flagship sites in Prague and Bucharest – we strive to be the champions of branded and generic medicines in Europe to better support people”s daily healthcare needs.

At Zentiva it is our aspiration that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. More than ever, people need better access to high quality affordable medicines and healthcare. We work in partnership with physicians, pharmacists, wholesalers, regulators and governments to provide the everyday solutions that we all depend on.

About Solacium Pharma
SOLACIUM PHARMA”s vision is to become one of Romania”s leading pharmaceutical companies, by building partnerships with healthcare professionals for the benefit of patients, consumers and employees. These partnerships are based on delivering innovative products that offer people the best choices for their health.

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PRAGUE, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Zentiva Group a.s. and Siyiara Enterprises have signed a Shared Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of Romanian based pharmaceutical company Solacium, together with its subsidiary Be Well Pharma. Solacium is currently part of the Dr.Max Group and owned by Siyiara Enterprises together with Mr. Trasca Alexandru-Tony.