Winbourne Consulting LLC. Announces Partnership With Carbyne, the Next-Gen 911 Platform for the Digital Age

New partnership will assist in delivering Carbyne”s Next-Gen 911 technology to emergency response services throughout the US to accurately locate victims and reduce emergency response times

Carbyne, the leading next-generation 911 communications platform, announced today its new partnership with Winbourne Consulting LLC.

Winbourne has 18 years of continuous experience providing public safety e-911/NG911 system consulting, planning, design and implementation.

As part of the partnership, Winbourne will utilize Carbyne”s cutting-edge technology and help to ensure seamless integration and operation of these solutions into existing public safety and emergency response infrastructure. This will allow emergency personnel to better manage and prioritize incoming emergency calls through new technologies comprised of mobile texting, video and web-based information platforms, along with the most cutting-edge technology to pinpoint the location of an emergency event, providing critical real-time data and communication.

‘We are thrilled to pair our advanced technology with one of the most forward-thinking 911 consulting firms in the industry,’ said Amir Elichai, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbyne. ‘We look forward to working with Winbourne to provide emergency service providers across the U.S. with the most advanced NG911 solutions in the marketplace today. By collaborating and pairing our areas of expertise, we can ensure not only that the best technology is available in emergency call centers throughout the country, but also that the technology is leveraged effectively to save as many lives as possible.’

Carbyne”s advanced platform will help keep the public safer by bringing emergency services infrastructure into the digital age. Citizens can live-stream their emergencies through smart devices, no app necessary, helping first responders prioritize events and locate users – shaving crucial minutes off response and dispatch times.

‘Winbourne Consulting is excited to be part of Carbyne”s innovative approach to Next Generation 911, and to provide our public safety experience to guide Fayette County in optimizing Carbyne”s services,’ said Jeff Winbourne, CEO of Winbourne Consulting, LLC.

The new partnership will kick off in Fayette County, GA, where Carbyne recently completed a successful pilot evaluation which led to their selection as a provider of NG911 call handling services for the county for the next seven years. That project is set to launch in the Fall of 2018.

About Carbyne

Carbyne (previously Reporty), founded in 2014, offers a leading Next-Generation 911 platform providing a comprehensive, digitized ecosystem for citizens, responders and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Carbyne”s advanced platform acts as the gateway, delivering rich data from smart devices to PSAPs and emergency call centers, giving them the tools to prioritize call urgency and dispatch the right vehicles and resources – significantly reducing emergency response time and costs. The company is shaping the new global standard for public safety, using the most cutting-edge technology to pinpoint the location of an emergency event – down to a one-foot radius, even within a building – and provide citizen callers the power to livestream any incident in real-time, ultimately saving lives. Carbyne is led by a team of entrepreneurs and technological experts, with experience in top security and public safety organizations. Carbyne has offices in New York, Mexico, and Kiev, with headquarters in Tel Aviv. For more information, visit

About Winbourne Consulting LLC. 

Winbourne Consulting provides public safety management and technology consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their technology, business and operational goals. We partner with our clients to address issues, identify problem areas, and plan and implement effective solutions for Next Generation 9-1-1, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and 9-1-1 Call Center Efficiency.

Press Contact Information: 

Justine Rosin
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